About Attorney Jon Gale

Based in Portland, Maine, Attorney Jon Gale represents clients in court throughout the state, involving allegations under most of Maine’s criminal statutes, including OUI and OAS, schedule drugs (trafficking, possession, and furnishing), assault, domestic violence, theft, robbery, forgery, burglary, arson, weapons charges, sex allegations and white collar crime.

Attorney Gale has many years of experience dealing with the Attorney General’s office, prosecutors in the District Attorney’s offices around the state, and the US Attorney’s office in Maine. While many criminal cases are resolved by agreement, he has repeatedly gone to trial successfully before a jury, including cases of manslaughter, OUI, theft, and sex allegations.

Attorney Gale has handled appeals and argued successfully before the Maine Supreme Court. From the arraignment process through the closure of the case, Attorney Gale provides vigorous, careful and experienced representation.

From Attorney Jon Gale:

Every day, people talk to me about their cases, many of which are very serious.  Often there is a threat of years or even life in prison. Other cases many would think of as minor – they may only be facing a fine, or they aren’t even charged with a crime but are in trouble with their employer or their school. No matter what the case is, to that person, the outcome is extremely important. Nobody wants any kind of criminal conviction as part of their personal history, whether the charge is major or minor.

First I give clear, realistic advice about the criminal justice system, the nature of the allegations, and the range of potential outcomes. My clients leave my office after the first meeting knowing what they are facing in the particular court, with the particular prosecutors, given what their case involves. I describe to my clients how to best fight the charges and what the defense will entail, from the very first steps through the conclusion of the matter. My clients know what I will be doing in representing them, and they know what they can do to best protect themselves going forward.

I work hard and take pride in getting the best results attainable for my clients.  When I first meet people facing allegations of wrongdoing, very often they are having one of the most difficult times of their lives. The most gratifying aspect of what I do is helping my clients out of that difficulty, and resolving the problems that they present to me.